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Dissertations & Theses


Eastwood, S. 2014. Development of Amine Containing Polymer Modified MALDI Targets for Complex Peptide and Protein Mixture Fractionation Prior to MALDI Mass Spectrometry Analysis. PhD. Dissertation, SIUC.

Yung, A. 2014.  Evaluation of movement rates of VHS-susceptible fish species between Lake Michigan and Chicago Area Waterways and implications for VHS management in Illinois.  M.S. Thesis, SIUC.


McLeran, K.E. 2013. Oxygen isotope analysis in tree rings of Pterocarpus angolensis growing in Zimbabwe. M.S. Thesis, SIUC.

Norman, J. 2013. Identifying environment of origin of Illinois River Asian carp via otolith microchemistry and stable isotope analyses. M.S. Thesis, SIUC.


Kilburn, S.  2012.  Impacts of introduced crayfish on Ash Meadows aquatic communities: Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada.  M. S. Thesis, Graduate College, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Wong, V.  2011. Development and Optimization of Polyelectrolyte Polymer Brushes for the Fractionation of Peptide and Protein Mixtures prior to MALDI Mass Spectrometry. PhD. Dissertation, SIUC.


Peng, L. 2010 Matrix-assisted laser desorption / ionization (MALDI) target modification for enhanced proteomics analysis and plasma polymer characterization by MALDI mass spectrometry. PhD. Dissertation, SIUC.


Fernando, W.K. Ganga Sripali Sharmen 2009 Development and optimization of on-probe affinity capture (OPAC) MALDI mass spectrometry for the fractionation and analysis of complex protein mixtures. PhD. Dissertation, SIUC.


Mohideen, M. Zaneer Segu 2008 Target modification for enhanced performance matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry. PhD. Dissertation, SIUC.