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Setting parameters on SIU Costech Elemental Analyzer
Setting parameters on Costech Elemental Analyzer
SIU ABI 4700 Proteomics Analyzer
ABI 4700 Proteomics Analyzer
Loading the Costech Elemental Analyzer at SIU
Loading the Costech Elemental Analyzer
Mandy checking on off gas pulses on Delta V Plus IRMS
Mandy checking on off gas pulses on Delta V Plus IRMS

The Facility owns and operates several high-performance mass spectrometers to support basic research efforts throughout Southern Illinois University. The Facility offers training for independent operation of instruments as well as sample analysis by Facility personnel. The Facility's services are also open to external academic institutions and industry.

This website serves as a guide to the Facility, its services, and its research and teaching activities. The website offers an overview of the Facility's instrumentation and methods in order to assist your search for a suitable method.

The Mass Spectrometry Facility is located in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.

Research Spotlight

Liliana in SIU Lab

Dr. Liliana Lefticariu talks about her latest work researching the stable isotopes of elements and what relevance this has for education and training.

Research Spotlight

Fish Otholite

Dr. Greg Whitledge studies otolith stable isotope and elemental compositions as indicators of fish environmental history.

Facility Supports REACH Awards

William R. Kipp, a senior geology major, will use stable isotope analysis in his REACH project titled “Rare Earth Element Distribution in Fluorite From Around Hick’s Dome.”  His faculty mentor is Liliana Lefticariu, assistant professor of geology.