Trace Metals Rates

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We offer most of the ionization methods common to biological mass spectrometry.  Rates are for academic users.  Potential Users from industry should call the Facility for industrial rates. (Costs of Analyses as of July 1, 2021)

Service Analysis Rates

ICPMS Setup (charged per sample set submission includes instrument tuning, internal standard, etc.)
Service Price
Facility provides/prepares calibration standard solutions $80.00
Investigator provides/prepares calibration standard solution $50.00
ICPMS Analysis (per sample)
Service Price
Per element (in a single solution) $10.00
ICPMS Scan for approximatley 35 elements (in a single solution) $250.00
*Hg by ICPMS $90.00
Other Sample Treatments (per sample)
Service Price
Sample Digestion (single or mixed acid), first sample $30.00
Sample Digestion (single or mixed acid), subsequent samples same as the first $15.00
Filtering $3.00

*This element requires separate calibration standards, sample prep, and ICPMS runs

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